Pamela Anderson's Hair Change Is a Total Betrayal (PHOTO) ​

pam anderson with a pixie cut Here's a sentence I never thought I'd write: Pamela Anderson has betrayed me. Don't get me wrong, I adore Pam -- and have done so ever since I first started reading her writing in Jane magazine. Still, she is a celebrity I don't know very well (read: at all), so who am I to throw a snit-fit and bandy about words like 'betrayal' when she does something as silly as don extensions? I am me, and I am doing it.

I was so psyched when Pammy joined the ranks of the few, the proud, the pixie cut-having women of the world! The cut proved to anyone in doubt that hair does NOT make the woman. Without her trademark long blond locks, Pam looked younger, fresher, and was revealed for the true beach-dwelling babe she really is. Basically she looked more amazing than ever before -- I defy you to argue with me, straight me. That's why her recent appearance was such a letdown! 


Pam showed up at the World Music Awards back to her old tricks -- and I do not refer in a passive aggressive way to Tommy Lee, although, lol. Pam took to the stage and the red carpet wearing wicked long extensions. Now there's no shame in the extension game, but I kind of don't understand her thinking here! Her short hair looked so, so good! 

pam anderson with extensions

Besides, if she was bored or something and wanted to spice things up, couldn't she have just worn, like, a festive hat? At the very least she could have invested in extensions that did not look as though they had been gnawed up by a mountain of starving rats. Pam is a smart, savvy, blond bombshell through and through -- there is no excuse for these lackluster extensions. Boom

Am I being too harsh on Pam?


Images via David Bennett/Getty

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