5 Cute & Comfortable Sandals You Can Wear All Summer (PHOTOS)

5 Cute & Comfortable Sandals You Can Wear All Summer (PHOTOS)

summer shoes Summer's here! Time to get your feet ready to come out of hiding and meet the world! That means a pedicure and some totally sweet sandals! Sometimes unfortunately that also means some seriously blistered toes. For verily, summer shoes were not built for comfort. By and large, they were created for cuteness. My tender tootsies can testify. 

But fret not! There is a solution. You can have the cuteness of summer footwear without any of the agony! You just have to know what you're looking for. Go for almost-flat shoes or sandals. You don't want them to have zero support, a little heel will help stabilize you and keep your legs and feet from feeling tired. I also suggest, whenever possible, wide straps -- the wider, the better! 

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I've found five adorable sandals that are as comfortable as they are chic. For the most part, they are also exceptionally affordable! You know what that means -- you can now officially splurge and buy a pair to go with every outfit you own. Boom! 

What do you look for in your summer footwear?

Image via ModCloth 

  • Pink & Perfect Shoes


    Image via ModCloth

    These gorgeous shoes are the queen of comfy! The side straps make them perfect for all-day wear.

    Modcloth, $64.99

  • Bold Slingbacks


    Image via ModCloth 

    These wedges give all the oomph of a heel without the ouch! Plus, they are pretty darn colorful.

    ModCloth, $49.99

  • Striped & Splendid


    Image via ModCloth

    This goes to show you how less is totally more! This simple sandal catches the eye with its cute as heck striped bow.

    ModCloth, $39.99

  • Keeping It Simple


    Image via Target

    These blue, basic sandals have stellar gold detail and just enough of a heel to keep your dogs from barking.

    Target, $22.99

  • Color-Blocked Beautiful


    Image via Target

    These will be your summer go-to shoes. They will match everything in your wardrobe and you won't have to pay the price of sore feet for looking great.

    Target, $19.99


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