One Piece of Common Clothing Could Actually Be Making You Depressed

jeans are making you depressedWhat you wear can change your mood. This isn't shocking; in fact, it's something almost everyone I know can identify with. And now a psychologist actually found out that jeans totally make you feel depressed. I want to find this psychologist and high-five her. 

I don't totally agree with her way of thinking -- she says we wear jeans when we're already depressed because we can't be bothered to look nice. That I take issue with. So would anyone who has ever found a magic pair of jeans that lifts, separates, and feels like butter. In other words, the entire cast of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.


Sure, there's nothing more depressing than bad jeans, but if you wear them the right way, they can make you feel like a sex bomb! Seriously, I have one pair that once I don them, I can basically hear Tom Jones singing as I walk down the street. They are sexy and stylish and so am I. But I understand where this broad is coming from -- if something doesn't fit you right, it isn't gonna make you feel right! 

Jeans are pernicious because their fit is so important. But you know what puts me in an even worse mood? BRAS THAT DON'T FIT. I have been known to leave parties, start fights with friends, even call in sick (though never at The Stir, I swear) if I'm stuck wearing a bra that itches, rides up, digs in, or does something else equally unfortunate. How we perceive ourselves makes up a big part of how we feel from day to day. OF COURSE if we think we don't look good, we'll feel bad. In jeans or anything else!

Does ill-fitting clothing put you in a bad mood?


Image © Liam Norris/cultura/Corbis

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