Gisele Bundchen Glows in Nude Magazine Cover (PHOTO)

gisele bundchen luiOoh la la, this is not how most mamas lounge in the pool! Supermodel and mother of two Gisele Bundchen poses nude on the cover of French magazine Luí this month. She's floating astride a bright red inflatable dolphin pool toy, probably the ride of its life. And she looks spectacular, of course. We would expect nothing less of her ... and yet, wowza. She's glowing so much, I almost need to put on my sunglasses to see her. If this doesn't inspire us to get our own summer glow on, I don't know what will!



This must be one of those moments when G's husband Tom Brady stares up at the heavens and says, "I don't know who's up there, or what I did to deserve this, but THANK YOU SO MUCH."

I know Photoshop can juice up any image, but we've seen enough candids and Instagram shots to know Gisele brings it. She's toned and tan thanks to her beach vacays through the winter and spring. Doesn't that sunlit, highlighted hair say, "While you were shoveling out your car for the 1,000th time, I was frolicking on the beach"? Not that I'm envious or anything. (Totally dying of envy.) 

Good for Gisele, though. She looks like she's having fun on that dolphin. Wouldn't you love to spend an afternoon skinny dipping in a pool like that? If you knew it would be private, of course. And while I do envy her beach bod, I also think it's inspiring. Obviously all the exercise in the world isn't going to make me look the same, but I can work toward being in my best shape, too. And while I'm not risking skin cancer and damage by lying out for a tan, I may see what non-toxic self-tanners could help out my pasty self before I put on a bikini.

Just one little thing: Is she wearing heels in the pool? Interesting choice, photographer. Interesting choice ...

What do you think of Giesle's summer cover photo?


Image via Luí

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