Miley Cyrus's New Look Makes Her Almost Unrecognizable (PHOTO)

Miley Cyrus Have you seen the latest Miley Cyrus photo? No, she's not sticking out her tongue, twerking a man twice her age, or experiencing some major wardrobe malfunction. Quite the opposite. Miley was photographed looking TOTALLY STUNNING. At the World Music Awards last night, she donned some haute couture, sleek hair, and stepped onto the stage looking equal parts Edie Sedgwick and Grace Kelly. I could not believe what I was seeing. It made me nerdily happy. 

There was nothing not to love about her stunning, shimmering, blue green gown! It made her look like an ever-loving fairy princess in the best way possible. It fitted her to perfection! The slicked back hair look she paired it with? To die for! The well-done brows as the pop-point of her otherwise mostly nude makeup? GENIUS. Her skin looks flawless. That just leaves us with one question ...


If Miley can look this absolutely stunning, why doesn't she do this sort of thing every single time she goes out?! I mean, I totally get wanting to express yourself in what you're wearing. For Peter's sake, in college I once went around wearing a tie! We all do dumb things in the name of self-expression! But I'll tell you something -- you can express yourself without wearing a beige, latex leotard and rubbing your butt on someone's penis. It's totally possible. This outfit she's wearing? It proves this to be true!

Being dirty crazy funky cool (also the title of my memoir so don't steal it) is part of Miley's gimmick, fine, understandable. But if she's going to be photographed romping around in soccer socks paired with a day-glo halter later on this week, she shouldn't get our hopes up with these types of classy get-ups! She did it not once ... but twice. She accepted the award in an equally gorgeous silvery gown. Stop it, Miley! You're such a tease. 

Do you think Miley should always dress this way?


Images via mileycyrus/Instagram/Getty 

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