7 Beautiful Bathing Suits for Every Body Type (PHOTOS)

7 Beautiful Bathing Suits for Every Body Type (PHOTOS)

shopping for a bathing suitThere's zero reason for swimsuit shopping to miserable. Trust me, we've just been going about it all wrong. We look at bathing suits with dread in our hearts, because most of what we see when we first go to the rack are suits that don't do our awesome bodies any favors. So let's shake up the way we shop for swimsuits! It should be fun!

Let's start by finding suits that work for our body types. If this means you need to quietly meditate in your car before going into the mall, by all means chant, "I am beautiful, I am beautiful, I am beautiful" as many times as you need to until you believe it. Once you're in the store, know what you're looking for.

Trying to minimize a pear shape? Go for a look that balances you out. Scared of showing off your tummy? There are plenty of ruffled designs to help you feel confident. We've rounded up 7 swimsuits for every body type that are great starting points for your hunt this season. So what are you waiting for? Dive in!

Do you dread swimsuit shopping?


Image © Gareth Brown/Corbis

  • Pear-Shaped


    Image via Macy's

    This tankini is ideal for a pear-shaped figure. The black bottoms minimize, and the blousy top balances out your frame beautifully.

    Macy's, $40.00

  • Full-Figured & Fabulous


    Image via ModCloth

    Honey, if you are full-figured (like moi), this suit is IT! It hugs and flatters without trying to hide your deliciously well-balanced frame.

    ModCloth, $89.99

  • Broad Shoulders


    Image via Macy's

    Broad-shouldered? Fret not! Enlist the one-armed suit! It will keep the eye moving and you feeling amazing.

    Macy's, $40.00

  • Lean Frame


    Image via ModCloth

    Worried your figure is too up-and-down? This bikini solves that problem in a snap! The high-waisted bottom accentuates your hips, while the thick straps of the halter top give you just the right amount of boob-age.

    ModCloth, $89.00

  • Small Chest


    Image via Macy's

    Small chest? Ditch those straps! This bandeau one-piece will have you feeling like a sex bomb in no time.

    Macy's, $50.00

  • Shy Thighs


    Image via Walmart

    If you MUST go the swim dress route because you've got 'shy thighs,' grab something cute and flattering like this wrap version.

    Walmart, $34.96

  • Trouble Tummy


    Image via Macy's

    If you're feeling timid about showing off your tummy, do not go the way of the swim dress! You have other options that are even better. This beautiful breezy suit with ruffles, for instance, hides what you want hidden without hiding YOU.

    Macy's, $54.00


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