Jessica Simpson’s Bathing Suit Body Is Out of Control (PHOTO)

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson's made no secret of her battles against the bulge. The naturally curvy (and naturally gorgeous) star and mama of two received so much hateful scrutiny when it came to analyzing her post-baby body. Despite the cruel and unusual treatment, she stayed true to herself. Jessica focused on loving her body and doing what was best her and her family. We need more female role models who are so out-and-proud about their battles with self-acceptance!

JSimp's path to sexy definitely worked! The results are proof that the healthiest way to get a banging body -- is Jessica's way. She shared some photos of herself posing pool-side (and, inexplicably, with a golf club) and her body has been totally transformed. Her legs are bananas-ripped! Seriously, they would put some athletes to shame.


Look at her calves! Look at her thighs! She could cut diamonds. I don't know why she'd want to, but it's totally feasible. She credits a lot of her transformation with adhering to the Weight Watchers program. Friends, I do Weight Watchers, and I'm here to tell you that counting points alone will not lead you to magically cut quads.

jessica simpson weight loss

I know she's already got a killer shoe and bag collection, but if Jessica Simpson wanted to sell a line of workout videos, I would totally buy them! I mean, clearly not actual videos, because that is a dead medium, but you follow my meaning. I'd settle for her instructing me at the gym at least once.

Do you think Jessica's legs look perfectly cut, or has she gone too far?


Images via Instagram

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