Laser Lip Hair Removal Is Possibly the Best Beauty Treatment Available Today

Getting laser treatments on my lip was, quite possibly, the best beauty decision I've ever made.

I am just not the kind of girl that likes to sit in a salon for hours a week. Who has time for that? I work. I have two kids. Manicures mostly get done at home out of sheer necessity. But the one thing I could not do myself was safely, painlessly, and efficiently remove the hair from my lip. Come on, people with dark hair -- I know you feel me on this one. I tried waxing but it burned my skin. I tried threading but it hurt like hell. I tried shaving and, well, that was a joy! But I risked in-grown hairs and there was just something about not wanting my daughter to see me shave that pushed me forward to finding a more permanent solution. Hallelujah for laser treatments.


There are very few beauty treatments that I think are worth the money ... but at about $100 a session (less or more depending on where you go), this is totally worth the splurge. Five sessions are usually enough -- but every client is different. And the sessions are spaced out every four to five weeks to allow the hair cycle to run its course. This ensures that each time you do the laser treatment, you reach hair you didn't get the time before. It also allows you to space out your payments!

Lots of spas do laser treatments, but I chose to go to a dermatologist, Bodian Dermatology, because I figured if I am going to have someone shoot lasers at my skin, I want it to be someone who really understands skin. And that is definitely a recommendation I would make to any of my friends. Multiple dermatologists have told me horror stories about women and men who have shown up at their offices with blisters and burns after getting laser treatments from places that, essentially, just bought the machines but didn't really understand how it could potentially, negatively, affect the skin.

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As for my sessions, they took all of 2 minutes (of which only 25 seconds was spent putting my safety goggles on, laying back, and getting the laser treatment!), and the other minute and 35 seconds was me yapping the ear off the super sweet Filomena, as she patiently answered all of my questions. The most important of which was, "Will it burn or hurt at all?" To which she replied, "Nope. You will feel cold air as I go across your lip to counteract the heat from the laser."

And just like that I was finished. Free of lip hair forever -- after my fifth session -- and couldn't be happier.

Do you wax, thread, or shave you lady 'stash? Have you considered laser treatments?


Image via Amy Boshnack

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