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7 Celebrities With Side Braids That Are Drop Dead Gorgeous (PHOTOS)

blake lively and side braid The thing I miss the most about having long hair? Braiding it! I love my short hair, don't get me wrong. But there is something special about a long braid. It's a look like no other. Braids have always been popular as a strictly casual 'do, but now it looks like they are enjoying their moment in the spotlight. Well-deserved, indeed!

Is there anything else like a braid to make a lady look pulled together and chic without appearing overly "done"? I say no-way jose! Side-braids in particular have a certain glamorous appeal. Pulled over the shoulder, loose or tight, fishtail or traditional, they accentuate every ensemble much the way a lariat necklace or a pair of uber-dangly earrings would. 

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Stars have been wearing them all over the red carpet these days -- and beyond! I've pulled together 7 stars who made the side-braid their go-to must-have hair look this season. From the red carpet at Cannes to walking the streets incognito, these stars and their killer braid fashion sense can't be ignored.

Would you ever wear a side-braid?


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Image via Getty 

1January Jones

January Jones rocked a messy, cute braid. 

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2Emma Stone

Emma Stone's hair is a better accessory than her clutch. 

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3Blake Lively

Blake Lively's high-braid is elegant perfection.

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4Naomi Watts

From the front Naomi Watts's look was full, over-the-shoulder hair. From behind -- the braid was revealed! 

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5Kim Kardashian

Kimmy doesn't save her side-braid for the red carpet! Here she is caught in a casual moment. 

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6Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria couldn't have looked more beautiful wearing her side-braid at Cannes.


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