10 Ways to Wear Black to a Wedding & Get Away With It

Adriana Velez | May 20, 2014 Beauty & Style
10 Ways to Wear Black to a Wedding & Get Away With It

little black dressCan you wear a black dress to a wedding? The short answer is YES, of course you can. Showing up in a LBD used to be a wedding no-no. It was the color of funerals, and was sometimes even used to protest a wedding. But no longer -- those rules have gone the way of wearing white before Labor Day and mixing gold and silver. But before you put on your best floor-length Morticia Addams with matching wig and gloves take note: There are some general guidelines you should still follow. Here's how to wear black at a wedding while staying in the bride's good graces.

  • How to Wear Black to a Wedding


    Teresa Moore/Flickr

  • DON'T: Go Gloomy or Dowdy


    $190 via Nordstrom. It's a wedding, not a funeral or a work event. Long dresses with sleeves tend to look a little too serious for this celebration.

  • DO: Keep It Short and Flirty


    $82.80 via Nordstrom. For summer, the right sleeveless black maxi might work. But your best bet is to find a shorter dress with a flirty neckline or skirt. Something that says FUN! PARTY!

  • DON'T: Upstage the Bride


    $25 via eBay. We all know the reason why you don't wear white is because that's the bride's color, and you don't want to distract from her. But even if you're wearing black, don't go overboard with the festive. Maybe that 80's prom dress you found in your mom's closet is not the right thing for the occasion.

  • DO: Wear Something Slightly Less Formal Than the Wedding Party


    $79.97 via Sahale. Unless you're a member of the wedding party, a good guideline is to wear something just a step less formal than what the bride and her attendants are wearing. When in doubt, just ask what the dress code is.

  • DON'T: Go Slutty McSlutster


    $68 via Nasty Gal. This ain't no disco. You are not at a club. Your objective may be to get laid (not judging!), but you shouldn't make that obvious by your dress. Keep a respectful hemline and keep the cleavage to a minimum.

  • DO: Keep It Classy


    $23 via Nasty Gal. Find that happy medium between Woman of the Night and Nun. This is still on the short side, but it's not over the top. For the ceremony I'd wear a bolero jacket or a pink wrap over the dress.

  • DON'T: Keep It All Black


    All black, including your accessories, is a little too serious for a wedding.

  • DO: Add a Pop of Color


    $118 via Anthropologie. Add a bit of color with a bright wrap, handbag, or shoes. A little bit of animal print can be fun, too.

  • DON'T: Dress Out of Season


    $14.66 via Love Culture. This is a great dress for a wedding ... in December. If you're going to a summer wedding you'll want to go for something lighter in a cotton or silk.

  • DO: Dress for the Weather & Climate


    $89.98 via Zara. If it's summer, go light. This LBD is short and sleeveless, but it's still tasteful and the detail at the collar keeps it festive.


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