Tattoos for Your Teeth Is Latest Ridiculous Way to Get Inked

abe lincoln tooth tattooWe're running out of places to put tattoos. That's what the latest in tattoo trends would seem to indicate. This newest location for ink will have you bypassing the artist's chair and heading straight to your dentist's office. That's right: Tooth tattoos are a thing now. I can think of nothing more painful or ridiculous -- and I have a cat tattoo on both of my wrists.

If you read about tooth tattoos, you'll discover a couple of things. For one, they aren't as painful as they look like they might be. In fact, a needle isn't coming near your tooth. Instead, a crown is put over your tooth with the completed art already on it. You can also remove that sucker whenever you want. I suppose in an age where even Kesha is rocking a gold tooth in her glamorous mouth, no mouth was ever truly safe.


I just don't see the point! Why spend upwards of $200 to have a design put into your mouth? I kind of get Miley's mouth tattoo, because it's easy to show someone the inside of your lip. But I get grossed out and embarrassed just asking someone if I have something between my teeth. Asking them to check out the portrait of my mom I got put on my incisor just seems way too intimate and strange.

I know that people sometimes get tattoos that are kind of private, but I've always been of the mindset that if you are getting an image emblazoned upon your body, you've got to part ways with the idea of it being top-secret. You lose that privilege. Tooth tattoos seem like a chicken's way of getting a tattoo. It's basically just a more expensive, less-sensical version of getting a temporary tattoo out of a machine at a grocery store. With more saliva.

What do you think of tooth tattoos?


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