Billboard Music Awards 2014: The 10 Best & Worst Looks of the Night (PHOTOS)

Kesha billboard music awards The 2014 Billboard Music Awards were an eye-catching affair, to be sure! There was glitter, glam, and more than one fashion disaster. On this night where the music world comes together to celebrate the year's greatest successes, it's only natural that we'd see some, shall we say, particularly daring stabs at fashion.

The night had its share of surprise fashion winners. Kesha and Jennifer Lopez both wowed in ways I, for one, totally didn't expect to see. There were also some downright alarming fashion faux pas. Did you see Amber Rose's insane black sunglasses? I ask because I'm not sure she herself saw anything from behind them.


I've collected 5 hits of the evening and 5 definite misses. Even the worst looks didn't fail because they were boring -- every ensemble featured during last night's show was eye-catching. Some just were eye-catching in the worst way possible.

Who do you think looked the best last night?


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