5 Celebs You Wouldn't Recognize Without Their Bangs (PHOTOS)​

Zooey Deschanel Bangs and celebs -- they have an intense relationship. But I think every woman who has ever tried a fringe out for herself could say the same thing. Nothing can so quickly and so drastically change your appearance the way cutting in some bangs to you fabulous 'do does. Sometimes the results are the perfect breath of fresh air! They make you look more like "yourself." Other times ... the results are way less than stellar.

But it never hurts to try! These 5 celebrities are known for their hair -- be it bangs or otherwise. On some of them, the quick-makeover that comes with bangs is just what the hair doctor ordered! But on others, they look like someone else entirely -- and not in a good way! Oh bangs, you tricksy things. You make cowards of us all! 

We've gathered up 5 famous women whose decision to-bang or not-to-bang (for that is the question) shocked and awed us in more ways than one. Chances are if they're featured here, you've seen them in a magazine. You've either decided after seeing a picture of them to go down the bang-path yourself OR you've sworn to never cut your hair again. 

Which celebrity's bangs do you think are the most memorable?


Image via Corbis