Jennifer Aniston Pushes Strange New 'Spanx for Your Face' Beauty Treatment​

Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston clearly has a beauty secret of two up her sleeve. When it comes to talking about hair and how she keeps her mane so fabulous, there are few others who would listen to so closely. Her locks are second only in awesomeness to Connie Britton's splendid tresses. What I'm saying here is that in terms of beauty talk? I trust what Jennifer Aniston has to say! Or at least I did.

Until she started hawking "Spanx For Your Face". Aniston. No. These so called facial-Spanx are a new product being released by the company Living Proof, which Jen's been involved in for the past few years. This isn't a crazy beauty gadget you wear. No, no. In fact, it's an anti-aging product called Neotensil. But it insists it's a whole lot more than your average anti-aging cream. It cures the look of puffiness and wrinkles especially around the eyes -- by creating "a wearable film" on your face. So basically an invisible face bra?


I read that description and was all "whaaaaat?" It just sounds too kooky and desperate and space-aged to be believed! Especially when it's being promoted by The Queen of Natural Beauty Jennifer Aniston. I have a hard time swallowing the notion that this a treatment she herself uses. You know girlfriend isn't walking around wearing any so-called face-Spanx! 

The product itself does sound effective -- if crazy. Apparently it reshapes the entire look of your face for a period of 16 hours. Did I mention that it costs over $500 bucks a pop and that you have to go to a dermatologist to get it? Yeah. If I'm putting that sort of cash and effort into my skincare routine, I'm going to basically just cave and get a mini-facelift or some fillers. Doesn't that make more sense than shelling out thousands of dollars to temporarily have a cream squeeze my face back into place? 

Do you think Jen actually uses this product?


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