Lea Michele Shocks Again With Breast-Baring Wardrobe Malfunction (PHOTO)

lea micheleOh man, shield your eyes. *Gasp* Lea Michele! Her latest wardrobe malfunction captured when she was hanging out at the FOX upfronts this week? It was bound to happen. I get that she wants to show off her amazing little figure (I would too), but when you wear a dress that is more of just "an idea" of a dress it only goes to follow that all your bits and bobs are going to come out to play. Luckily for Lea, this time it was just her bits. 

The Glee starlet was wearing a very short and very low-cut dress as she trotted out to celebrate her network and her show. It wasn't a dress that allowed for a bra. I mean, duh. Look at it! You can basically see her belly button. And while there is zero shame in that game, you can't be too shocked if you're Lea and one of your nipples decides to take some air. And that's exactly what happened. 


It's kind of miraculous that she didn't flash her little Lea Michele as well, if you know what I mean. That dress barely covers her behind! This seems like a weird choice for a work event -- even if your 'work' is acting on a T.V. show. While it's a gorgeous color and the embroidery is really captivating it looks uncomfortably risque. 

lea michele

You can show off what you've got without literally displaying all of your parts for the viewing public! Wearing those high, high heels with the dress only made the whole outfit seem even more high-risk: One false move and she and it would all come tumbling down and out. That said, at least she was rocking a gorgeous blowout! It was almost enough to distract us from all the skin she was showing. Almost.

What do you think, am I being too hard on Lea?


Images via Splash News 


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