5 Ways to Get a Glowing Tan Without Risking It on a Tanning Bed

tanning bedsTanning is deadly, and in more ways than one! Forget UV rays and, you know, cancer or wrinkles. There are even scarier things that can happen. Did you hear the one about the woman whose tanning bed caught fire -- while she was still in it?! Luckily she escaped with her life (though presumably not the stellar base coat she was searching for). The tanning salon, however, was totally wrecked by the fire. 

Crazy! I completely understand the appeal of going and getting a tan under the hot lights of a tanning bed. It doesn't just give you the glow you crave, it also relaxes you. Our lives can be mad stressful -- a quick, easy way to look and feel better? Sure, I'll take it! It's not surprising that folks still turn to the pretty prehistoric idea of tanning beds to get their sun-fix. Here are 5 other glow-inducing, totally relaxing ways to get a tan WITHOUT risking your hide. Literally.


1. Tanning Towels

I am as white as a fish's belly. But even I swear by these little one-use towels! No streaks, no mess, and they don't smell that assy either! The color lasts AND looks natural. Turn your bathroom into a steamy escape -- pampering yourself is as relaxing as it gets.

2. Dry Oil Tan

I can't even with this one. Our legs and arms can get dry, dry, dry thanks to stupid winter. This ultra rich dry oil smells great and leaves a lux glow that's an instant de-stresser.

3. Airbrush Make-Up

Well, sort of. That sounds better than make-up-in-a-can. This spray on is half bronzer, half foundation and all awesome. Plus it's got an spf to keep your sexy skin super safe.

4. Hire a Professional Spray Tan Artist

This is a great way to feel ultra-pampered AND to see stellar results. For everyday? A bit much. But for special events? Bring it on!

5. Bronzer is a Girl's Best Friend

Keep your skin in good shape with this bronzer and primer. Use it beneath your foundation for a subtle glow, or all on its own to highlight and contour your nose, cheekbones, chin and forehead.


Do you still use tanning beds?


Image via Corbis

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