5 Best Looks From the Cannes International Film Festival (PHOTOS)

Nicole Kidman Cannes International Film Festival is one of the biggest events in the movie industry. While it's always amazing to see the great projects that are recognized annually, I've got to admit that the real reason I turn in has nothing to do with a movie theatre.

I'm a sucker for a red carpet! Cannes never disappoints. With so many big and star-studded premieres it's no surprise that Cannes is often the showcase for some of celeb's most glamorous gowns. I drool for it, and if you have eyes in your head, you will too!

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Sure, there are also some outrageously bad looks on the red carpet, but let's make today about the good -- not the bad or the ugly. Nicole Kidman rocked it totally, which was amazing to see. Blake Lively turned out a red carpet walk so good she did it twice with two separate but equally amazing gowns. Here are the 5 winners of Cannes Film Festival Fashion!

Which one of these dress would you wear?

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  • Nicole Kidman


    Image via Getty

    Nicole Kidman! Let me count the ways! The color makes her glow, the shape is fabulous, she's never looked better.

  • Blake Lively


    Image via Getty

    Blake is bringing maroon back, and fiercely! I didn't even know I missed it, now I can think of not one other hue I'd rather wear.

  • Kendall Jenner


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    Daaaayum look at baby-girl Jenner bringingit! I love this dual-toned look and the sick strappy shoes.

  • Julianne Moore


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    Shirt and skirt as formal-wear? Yes. Please. Forever. More. Or should I say, Moore? I probably shouldn't.

  • Zoe Saldana


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    This one tows the line, but ultimately I think the fringe detail makes it. Without it, the dress might seem too big on her small frame.

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