Get Blake Lively’s Deceptively Messy Braid in 8 Simple Steps (PHOTOS)

blake lively cannes braidLadies, allow me to introduce The Braid of the Moment. Did you know there could even be a Braid of the Moment? Well, there is. That's the kind of magical world we live in. This week at Cannes Blake Lively stepped out in a spectacular Gucci Premiere gown with the perfect hairdo. From the front it's all sleekly slicked back, not a hair out of place. Too severe? Not so fast! Check out the party in the back ...


Oh stop -- not that kind of party. We're talking about her hair! Specifically, this perfectly mussed braid.

 blake lively cannes braid

Don't you love that? So clean and summery. We've seen the messy braid before, but it's usually done with some messy wisps in front, too. I think that look is actually hard to pull off on the red carpet without looking too frowzy and careless. But pull everything back cleanly in the front and you hit a chic balance between formal and whimsical. It's brilliant.

slicked back messy braid pin

We've shown you how to do a messy braid before. For this version, you'll start by doing a classic slicked-back ponytail.

1. Section the hair on each side from the crown to behind the ear.

slicked back ponytail

2. Section out the top at the crown and pin back.

slicked back ponytail

3. Use the section just below to create "foundation" ponytail to anchor the rest of your hair.

slicked back ponytail

4. Secure the rest of your hair, section by section, to that foundation ponytail. By the way, you're adding new (teeny) elastics each time, rather than undoing the ponytail, adding more hair, and re-securing it.

slicked back ponytail

slicked back ponytail

5. When you're down to the last top and side sections, spray some shine hairspray into your hands, work it between your hands, and then use that to smooth down any fly-aways in the top section of your hair. Then secure the top section to your foundation ponytail.

slicked back ponytail

6. Brush back those last two side sections and add them to the ponytail. Finish off with more hairspray.

slicked back ponytail

7. Now braid that ponytail loosely, as done in the messy braid tutorial (step 4).

8. Secure, and pull braid braid apart slightly (step 6). Spray and you're done!

Here's the video for that slicked-back ponytail.


Images via Tim P. Whitby and Michael Bruckner/Getty

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