10 'Sexy' Lingerie Pieces That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud (PHOTOS)

Lisa Fogarty | May 15, 2014 Beauty & Style
10 'Sexy' Lingerie Pieces That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud (PHOTOS)

Like beauty, "sexy" is in the eye of the beholder, right? And when it comes to lingerie, whatever you want to wear in the bedroom to get your engines revving is totally your business. But sometimes we come across lingerie that we assume is meant to be sexy, but seems oddly...funny, instead. Sure, the couple that laughs together stays together, but we're gonna bet most women don't want to put their partners in stitches because of something they wear to bed.

We found 10 lingerie sets that we think are intended to be sexy, but might just make you laugh out loud instead.



Image via spicylingerie.com

  • Coffee, Anyone?


    Your man loves his caffeine. And he loves you. But what made anyone assume his ultimate fantasy would be a woman who looks ready to brew his coffee?

  • Where's the Black Light, Honey?


    "Got the strawberries and champagne, love? And the soft music? Oh, and don't forget the black light!" That's the conversation you'll need to have prior to wearing this layered slashed romper -- which will make you glow like a (sexy?) raver under a black lightbulb. But does anyone else think it might be problematic that you'll need a freaking black lightbulb to pull this off?!

  • Slits and Giggles


    Are you going to bed? Or are you being transported back to 1998, when you wore something similar to this (complete with platform heels) to get into the hottest nightclub in town? This thing is so awkwardly tight, long, and ripped in the oddest of places, that your poor beloved is going to need instructions to figure out how to get this off of you.

  • Flapper Flop


    Image via fredericks.com

    You loved The Great Gatsby and made your partner sit through it while you salivated over Leo in a tux. That alone proves his dedication to you -- don't make him have to deal with a boa in the bedroom on top of it. Plus, I'm not a historian, but I'd bet money real flappers removed their feather headbands before getting romantic.

  • Bell Bottom Bad


    Image via yandy.com

    File these lace bell-bottom pants under the category: lingerie clothing that isn't quite lingerie, but isn't at all like actual clothing. You would be arrested if you left the house in these, but your partner might be a little confused if you wear them in the bedroom (with platform disco-dancing heels).


  • Mardi Gras Mishap


    Image via yandy.com

    In all fairness, this "costume" is meant to be worn at Mardi Gras, or whenever you're in a festive mood, I guess. But it's also supposed to be sexy, and could be -- if it didn't include those Snooki/Ewok boots.

  • Candy Nerds Bra


    Image via Etsy.com


    This creative bra is made entirely from Nerds candy. Your lover can lick away...and then forget all about you because he's too busy getting his candy on.

  • Star Wars Wacky


    Image via Etsy.com

    So, you're both big fans of the Star Wars franchise? Nice. But you do realize he's going to spend a lot of time reading your underwear and that you may fall asleep when he's actually ready to, uh, remove them?

  • Beaded & Bewildered


    Image via Etsy.com

    Um, Ouch! But okay, it's worth the sacrifice, ladies, because a Swarovski crystal beaded thong is the hottest thing imaginable -- said no man ever.

  • Fast Times with Fast Food


    Image via Etsy.com

    You know what I want you to think about when you see me in the bedroom, honey? French fries and a cheeseburger. Now that's sexy...said no woman ever.

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