12 Beauty Devices That Are Just Plain Insane (PHOTOS)

face thingAs women, there isn't a lot we won't do when it comes to looking our best. We'll drizzle scalding wax on ourselves, only to rip it back off. We'll bleach some hair, and tweeze the rest. We'll even wear underwear that puts our organs at risk -- provided they banish muffin-top.

Doing weird and wacky things for beauty isn't that strange. But there are still some totally nuts beauty devices that are so out there we can't help but be left scratching our heads. Do they work? Are they worth looking totally terrifying in the comfort and safety of our own homes?

While they might provide results (key word here being MIGHT) we can't help but wonder -- are they even remotely worth it? What if there are secret cameras in your house? Or, you know, you desire positive night-time attention from a fella? THE QUESTIONS I HAVE! We've rounded up twelve of the kookiest looking devices out there for your consideration.

Have you ever bought something totally weird to add to your beauty routine at home? Did it work?


Image via Japan Trend Shop