10 Bridal Shoes That Are a Perfect Fit for Your Wedding (PHOTOS)

bridal shoesWhen it comes to planning your look for your wedding, shoes can be tricky -- even trickier than the dress! You've got everything else picked out, right down to how your eyelashes will curl and what your underwear (or lack there of) will be doing. But what about what's going on your feet

Just like any other day in your life, your shoes are your chance to express your personality. They can add, style, and a hint of pizzazz to any ensemble. And why should your wedding day be any different than that? If you're getting married in the spring or summer, it can be super-easy to get lost in a veritable sea of all-the-same strappy sandals. We're here to help! 

Be it a pop of pink, a funky sole, or a more casual take on the old classics, we've rounded up 10 fresh summery inspirations for your bridal footwear. Even if you don't want to splurge on your wedding footwear, there are still plenty of cost-friendly options that will still let you be YOU! If nothing else, here's hoping this guide inspires you on your next trip to the bridal boutique.

Would you ever wear anything other than white shoes?

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