What Happened to Angelina Jolie’s Face on the Red Carpet? (PHOTO)

Angelina JolieWhen you think 'Angelina Jolie' you probably don't think 'hot mess'. At least not these days. Sure, Angie was wild, and rocked a ripped-tee and bleary mascara look to accompany her edgy ways, but that was long ago. Now Angelina is something of a classically styled beauty. She shows up on the red carpet or even out on the street looking stately, beautiful, and pulled together. A mom with six kids, who never, ever, ever, steps out looking less than perfect. It just ain't right.

Well Angelina showed her human side the other night, and while she might be cringing, we pretty much adore it. The still-stunning actress was walking the red carpet at the premeire for HBO's The Normal Heart in her usual black -- nothing amiss there. The flub came with her face. Her usually pore-less complexion was sullied -- and cooovered in white powder that was totally visible. Eeps! 


Now, we've seen stuff like happen to other famous ladies before. The culprit is usually makeup designed for HD cameras being photographed under the wrong light. Knowing that's the case definitely puts it into perspective. It's not as though Angie left the house with her face half-painted like Braveheart. I mean, Brad Pitt may be down-to-earth but I feel like he probably wouldn't let her leave the house like that, you know? 

Angelina Jolie

Still, even if it makes us seem vaguely petty, there's something totally great about seeing her look anything other than perfect. Sure, she's an inspiration every other day of the week with her charitable giving, and her dedication to women's health, and being the best mom she can be. But seeing her fall short of the mark? I don't know about you, but that makes me like her even more. It proves she's a human and not a literal angel. 

Do you like seeing your favorite celebs goof on the red carpet?


Images via Bobby Bank/Getty 

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