5 Bold Makeup Trends Moms Really Need to Try

5 Bold Make-up trends Moms Really Need to TryFor the most part, I've always been pretty conservative with my makeup, keeping it pretty simple (if any at all) during the day and then maybe jazzing it up with a little eye shadow in the evening.

I know, crazy, right?

Well, lately I've become addicted to YouTube make-up tutorials, which have really helped me take more risks with makeup. Not only are they cheap and easy, they can make you look so much more pulled together.

If you've been remiss to go a little nuts with your makeup, here are 5 trends you should totally try.


1. Bright orange lipstick: I am so not a bright lipstick wearer (hello 40 shades of nude), but the lovely girl at Sephora convinced me to give it a try, and I admit I'm really liking it. Orange can be a tough sell and there are different shades of oranges, so be sure to try the colors on before you toss them into your basket at your favorite drug store.

Tip: If you've got a bright lip, keep your eyes and cheeks simple.

2. Blue eyeshadow: I tend to think about my grandmother when I see bright blue eyeshadow, but the right color (think sapphire or deeper blues) right on your eyelid and just above the crease can really make your eyes pop.

Tip: If you've got bold eyes, go easy on the lips.

3. Cat eyes: I have tried numerous times to do cat-eye eyeliner right, but it wasn't until I watched a quick tutorial on YouTube (just search it and a ton will come up) that I mastered it. You'll definitely want a liquid liner; I like the pens, as they make application so much easier.

Tip: Keep your eye makeup pretty light so that you can actually see the definition of the cat eye. And practice makes perfect, so invest in some eye makeup remover pads.

4. Bold brows: Truth be told, I never do anything with my brows except tweeze them, but after watching a tutorial (I know, I know), I'm actually convinced that filling them in, maybe even more than usual, really brings out my eyes and adds a polished look.

Tip: Blend, blend, blend.

5. Heavy black eyeliner: Now for my everyday look, I steer clear of black liner since I have always thought it makes me look like I was out too late the night before. But then I realized it was because I was trying to smudge it too much. I actually love the way a completely black-outlined eye looks when it's applied neatly and paired with a light, berry lip.

Tip: Use a sharp pencil so that you can carefully outline your entire line as close to the lash line as possible.

Would you be willing to try any of these makeup trends?


Image via Maria Zanartu/Flickr

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