How to Do the Celtic Knot Hairstyle in 8 Steps Even When It Falls Apart (PHOTOS)

celtic knotIt seemed like such a cool hair idea. This Celtic knot half-updo we spied on Divine Caroline is a beautiful way to pull back your hair -- in an of-the-moment Game of Thrones way. You're tying your hair into a simple knot, just as if the strands were rope. We had to try it! So we grabbed a willing staffer here with long hair and gave it a try.

The results were ... well, let's just say we're not quite ready for our GOT cameo.

  • Pick Up 2 Pieces of Hair


    They should be long and of equal length.

  • Make a Loop With 1 Piece of Hair


    Okay, so far so good. I can do that.

  • Cross Over With the Other Piece of Hair

  • Pull That Hair Under the Looped Strand


    Right. I think that's what I'm doing here.

  • Now Pull the Hair Through the Loop


    Through, got it. This is not that hard!

  • And Thread It Under the Strand on the Other Side


    So after you've gone through the loop, you're tucking under that big sweep of hair. Why does my photo look so different from theirs?

  • Now Pull the Hair Through the Loop Again


    Hold on, I'm lost here. Stand by, Houston. We have some slippery hair.

  • Pull on the Ends of the 2 Pieces of Hair & Hope for the Best


    Help, I don't know what I'm doing! Is this it? Is this what it's supposed to look like?

  • What We Learned

    1. God help you if your hair is even remotely layered in the front because you're going to have ends sticking out.
    2. Spray and/or gel the hell out of your hair before you attempt this.
    3. Spray and gel as you go. Tuck in some bobby pins, too. There's no way normal hair will just hold this knot.
    4. Have four hands OR (this might be more realistic) have someone assist you.
    5. More hairspray when you're done. Just use up the rest of the bottle.
    6. This braid is most effective if you have pale Daenerys hair.
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