7 Fabulous Formal Hairstyles for Short Hair (PHOTOS)

short hair stylesI have short hair, and I love it. I love how easy it is to get ready in the morning, I love how fast it dries. I love the way it frames my face and how cool it makes me look when I wear long, dangling earrings. The only thing I don't like about having short hair? Trying to find a pretty and stylish way to wear it when it comes to formal occasions.

Sure, I could always rock it the same way I do every day, but would I do that if I had long hair? No way. Something about an 'updo' or blow-out screams "fanciness" in the best possible way. But don't despair. Shorties, you can have your manageable locks and eat them too (I mean, please don't actually eat your hair, I was just being cute, mkay).

It's so much easier than you think to play up your short hair. There are so many options that might seem like way too much for the long-haired to pull off that you can do with aplomb! Hair jewelry? Done! A funky hat? Don't mind if I do! Retro finger waves? Bring. It. On. We've put together 7 fabulous formal short-haired looks sure to inspire you to great hair heights!

How do you dress up your short hair?


Image via © Ralph Wenig/Corbis Outline

  • Bejewel Your Hair


    Image via © Ralph Wenig/Corbis Outline

    It's amazing what a little bling can do! Worried your short hair just won't pass muster? Now is the occasion to splurge on something really beautiful, like this headband from Anthropologie!

  • Make It Big


    Image via © John Russo/Corbis Outline

    Mousse, mousse, and more mousse! Get your blow-dryer, your favorite mousse, and a nice round brush, and go to town! Just because you've got shorter hair than the average girl doesn't mean you don't still harbor a passion for big hair.

  • Go for the Gloss


    Image via © Ruven Afanador/Corbis Outline

    Nothing says 'formal' like a sleek, chic bob. Up your gloss factor using a temporary boosting laminate like this one you can buy at most drug stores.

  • Channel Old Hollywood Beauty With Finger Waves


    Image via © Jack Guy/Corbis Outline

    I love the glamorous look of finger waves! No need to pay a stylist either -- here's a great tutorial on doing fingerwaves at home.

  • Wear a Hat!


    Image via © Jack Guy/Corbis Outline

    Hats aren't just for bad hair days anymore! Plus, if it's good enough for Kate Middleton? It's good enough for you.

  • Curls for Days


    Image via © Patrick Fraser/Corbis Outline

    Curls for short hair?! Darn tootin'! Just because you keep it short doesn't mean you can't get superb ringlets.

  • Get Funky


    Image via © Ben Watts/CORBIS OUTLINE

    If you're like me, you play it safe with your short hair during the average week. Why not use a formal event to get funky? Use a great texture cream like this one by Got2Be, which you can find at most drugstores, and rough it up!


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