Rihanna Flashes 'Butt Cleavage' in Dress That's Shocking Even for Her (PHOTO)

rihanna met galaLadies, is this the new side boob? Last night at a Met Gala after-party, Rihanna displayed three inches of butt crack in a stunning backless gown. Some are trying to play it like a wardrobe malfunction, but let's not kid ourselves. The woman draped a special gold chain over her derriere cleavage: She wanted us to look. And look we did! You could almost fall and get lost in there. I guess now that we've seen exposed breasts from pretty much every angle on the red carpet, it's time to move on to another body part. And that's kind of a relief -- until you start thinking about where people could take this new trend.

rihanna butt crack

No "almost" butt exposure here -- oh no. This is Riri, so she's making a grand gesture with her glutes. Almost half of her bottom is on display here. And she's one of the few stars who can get away with it, too. Why? Because she's Rihanna, and that's what we expect from her. Way to throw down the ass-crack gauntlet, lady!

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Now where are you supposed to go from here? We've seen a bit of side-butt (okay, let's just call them hips) and the teensiest bit of under-butt. But if buttocks cleavage becomes a trend, you're either going to look timid next to Rihanna -- which is maybe not such a bad thing -- or you're going to have to go further, which ... is just going to be weird.

I mean, we all love butts. They're saucy and impudent. But (BUTT!) no one wants to see outright mooning on the red carpet. That is a totally different statement, one even Rihanna probably doesn't want to make. Well okay, maybe she wants to make that statement a little bit -- by three inches.

At any rate, if I were a celeb, I would take this as a dare. And I would probably be working with a personal trainer and a stylist right now. But I'm just a blogger, which means I'm taking a deep breath and getting ready to chronicle Buttpocalypse 2014.

What do you think of Rihanna's butt crack -- sexy or too far?


Images via Instagram, Splash News

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BGarcel BGarcel

I think it's sexy. In the right dress, I would so totally do booty cleavage on a date night with my husband :)

Sunny... SunnyDaze87

i think it*s beautiful&daring. waitin for all the prudes to start commentin.... Lol

nonmember avatar Tlm

Rose McGowan had her whole butt on display at the 1998 VMA's!

JoceyEl JoceyEl

But when does it go from 'crack kills' to 'butt cleavage'

nonmember avatar Eula

Yes I think it is sexy. With the right body {like hers}.RIRI is a beautiful woman.
Forget the prudes.... Let It Rain

nonmember avatar Angela

Rihanna is beautiful, we all know that. But seriously?! She is so egotistical and obsessed with herself that it just gets annoying. It's just as bad as Kim Kardashian. You can be confident and love the way you look without shoving it in people's faces every 5 seconds.

nonmember avatar deidi

I don't think its sexy! Yes, she is a beautiful girl and she has sex appeal; however its 2 revealing when your in the public eye! Thats what wrong with getting control of OUR young ppl now! I wouldn't want her 2 be a role model 2 my daughter. The average person can't go 2 a company function or church function or even 2 a respectable event dressed showing the crack of ur ass. Don't get me wrong cause the naked body is an "ART" when its displayed @ the right occasion! Television @ some celebrities take their STATUS 2 extreme. Its a TIME 4 eveything @ she won't get Respect from a Man; especially if later she wants 2 get married. Men Love looking @ freaks; but they don't want their "Main" product 2 be seen by no one else

but them!!!


So the obvious factor is she isn't wearing any underwear.

Wendy Scott

she might as well wear nothing!!!!!

Jerome Gelb

Of course it's sexy!! She's got the whole world talking hasn't she?

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