2014 Met Gala: 12 Best & Worst Looks (PHOTOS)

Can we all please breathe a sigh of relief that this year's theme for the Met Gala wasn't punk rock again? I mean, I don't pretend to be a fashion expert or anything, but some of the looks for last year's fashion-forward party were pretty ... um ... very strange. Also Kim Kardashian wore a carpet bag or, as we reported last year, camouflage for grandma's living room.

Nope, this year the theme for the annual fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute (and zee premiere NYC event of zee season, dahling) was "Charles James: Beyond Fashion." In case you didn't know, Charles James was a premier fashion designer in the mid-twentieth century and has been regarded as "America's First Couturier."


I'm happy to report that the looks for 2014 were much better all around, but because this is high-fashion we're talking about ... there were some that just didn't come across well. Here are the best and worst looks for the 2014 Met Gala.

What looks worked for you?

Image via SplashNews.com

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