Naya Rivera’s New Butt Selfie Shows a Side of Her We’ve Never Seen (PHOTOS)

Naya Rivera selfieDayum. Naya Rivera's latest photos on Instagram are sure to silence the haters. Things haven't been going her way lately ... or so the press would have you believe. Her engagement's been called off, and rumors about her being fired from Glee abound. But the negative press isn't getting her down. These photos of her posted poolside and looking tremendous show she certainly isn't feeling any pain about her current station in life.

If my derriere looked like that? I'd be feeling fine too! The tropical locale of the shoot paired with Naya's sexy-but-still-classy two-piece make for a picture that's the very definition of "looking good is the best revenge." Seriously, I never thought I'd be in such virulent support of a butt-selfie, but here we are! I applaud it and her. Work it, girl -- you put the Kardashians to shame. Yup, I said it! 


I'm not sure if it's the cut of Naya's suit or the luxe locale, but the whole feel of the pictures she shared is that of sophisticated tranquility. I mean, the photos are also sexy as all get-out, that can't be denied. Naya's in killer shape, and these photos make it clear she has no intention of that changing any time soon.

Naya Rivera selfie

But you do have to wonder about the timing of the shoot. She's always been gorgeous, but it's weird that she's letting it all hang out with everything being said about her in the press. This is what we call serving up devil-may-care realness

Naya Rivera selfie

I think the framing of the most infamous of her photos is what really makes this belfie feel classy instead of trashy. She's so clearly ready for a break and summer ready to boot! She's already got us all beat when it comes to lounging preparedness. Her skin is glowing, her hair looks fabulously conditioned, and her subtly exposed flesh is toned to perfection. 

Do you think a butt-selfie can ever be "tasteful"?


Images via Instagram

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