8 Tattoos to Share Your Feelings About Your Divorce (PHOTOS)

divorce tattooYou know what they say about divorce: Unlike marriage, it always lasts forever. But as many divorced women know, the heartache and stress of divorce fades with time. And hopefully, you're left with an inner strength built from struggle and a new-found joy in your independence. What better way to mark those feelings than to get a tattoo? These aren't sad tattoos that mourn the past. These are designs that say, "I survived, and I am stronger, now!" Divorce isn't exactly something you celebrate, but once you've survived it, it can be a badge of honor. Here are 8 beautiful tattoos that express how many women feel about divorce.

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sedwa... sedwards310

Ridiculous advice. Get over your 'man' by letting another 'man' brand you like a common heifer. And if your 'new-found joy' includes having a relationship with a man or a woman, congratulations! Some of us consider tats a 'deal breaker' like smoking.

2nsingle 2nsingle

Naa,  Why leave a lasting mark on a feeling that is temporary? All of that stuff is only reminicent of a bad period and gives that particular moment in your life too much power. I think I've passed the first tat stage being 34 :), but I could only see a postive moment being worth it. 

MrsB2011 MrsB2011

I love the Phoenix one! I'm not divorced and if I ever were I doubt I'd want a tattoo to remember it by. But I see nothing wrong with symbolizing the struggles you have Over come with beautiful artwork on your body

nonmember avatar Charity

Funny, my tattoo artist uses divorce as an example of an event NOT to commemorate with a tattoo. Once you get through it, you might not want the constant reminder. I love the key one, though! Great symbolism there.

As for 34 being past first tattoo age, I got my first big tattoo for my 37th birthday. You're never too old. :-)

And if anyone considers tattoos a deal breaker, then they're not right for me. I love my tats. The fear that someone I meet in the future might not accept my appearance is never a factor in my choices.

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