7 Picks That Prove Fanny Packs Are Back in Style (Thanks, Nicole Richie!)

mollypackA style monster from the past has been resurrected, my friends. I was hoping it was just a rumor or a joke. But I can no longer deny its presence: Fanny packs are back. Those frumpy little bags that buckle around your waist -- people are trying to make them happen again. My latest proof comes from a celeb. Fashionista Nicole Richie gardens in fanny packs, she tells Us Weekly, "I use — and I stand by this 100 percent — a fanny pack! I have three of them — two vintage Chanel ones. I use them in the garden because I carry my phone in them [to listen to] music. They're dope!"

So vintage Chanel fanny packs, but still. DOPE?!? It got me thinking -- maybe I'm being too closed-minded about this style monster. Maybe I should take a look around and see if this year's are an improvement over the original. Prove me wrong, fanny packs of 2014! Here's what I found. See what you think. Do we dare try them again?


Image via Pacific Coast News


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