7 Picks That Prove Fanny Packs Are Back in Style (Thanks, Nicole Richie!)

mollypackA style monster from the past has been resurrected, my friends. I was hoping it was just a rumor or a joke. But I can no longer deny its presence: Fanny packs are back. Those frumpy little bags that buckle around your waist -- people are trying to make them happen again. My latest proof comes from a celeb. Fashionista Nicole Richie gardens in fanny packs, she tells Us Weekly, "I use — and I stand by this 100 percent — a fanny pack! I have three of them — two vintage Chanel ones. I use them in the garden because I carry my phone in them [to listen to] music. They're dope!"

So vintage Chanel fanny packs, but still. DOPE?!? It got me thinking -- maybe I'm being too closed-minded about this style monster. Maybe I should take a look around and see if this year's are an improvement over the original. Prove me wrong, fanny packs of 2014! Here's what I found. See what you think. Do we dare try them again?


Image via Pacific Coast News

  • Vintage Chanel Waist Belt Bag


    Just in case you were curious, this is what a vintage Chanel fanny pack looks like -- only they don't call it that. They call it a Waist Belt Bag ($448, eBay). Whatever, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck ... There are a few of these on eBay, most selling for $400 to $800, so not exactly a whim purchase for most of us.

  • Cupcakes Make a Fanny Pack Sweeter


    There is something so wrong, yet so right, about this cupcakes fanny pack. Kind of irresistible -- and in a non-ironic way. I'm serious. Cupcake fabric fanny pack ($24, Etsy)

  • American Apparel Nylon Cordura Fanny Packs


    Well you know if it's showing up at American Apparel, it's a thing. And I have to admit -- their Nylon Cordura Fanny Packs ($22) come in color combinations that actually make them ... super cute! This hot pink and orange bag looks hot, but check out this baby blue, pink, and pistachio one

  • Sky Blue Leather Fanny Pack


    Maybe it's all about the color. This blue leather fanny pack ($12.99, Amazon) isn't too bad. 

  • Herschel Supply Co. Seventeen Waistpack


    Does a brand lose its cult status if it becomes ubiquitous? We'll leave this philosophical question for another day. Here's Herschel Supply Co.'s addition ($25, Urban Outfitters) to the fanny pack trend in a whimsical palm tree print. I also like their mustard yellow print.

  • CTM Mesh Sequin Fanny Pack


    Fanny pack goes disco ($19.95, Belt Outlet), and I say yes, yes, yes! This one comes in different colors, but I think the gold is the clear winner. I would wear it to the disco, and I would wear it to the park, and I would wear it here and there, and I would wear it everywhere. I do so like this gold sequin fanny pack. I do so like it, Fanny-I-Am.

  • Mollypacks


    Stop what you are doing and look at this neon green alligator Mollypack ($115, Kickstarter). It is THE Fanny Pack Game Changer! There's a Kickstarter for this line of undeniably chic fanny packs (a phrase I never in my life imagined I'd ever write), so if you love this line, send them some dough and be among the first to get one. They come in other colors and leathers, and there's a series of adorable round pouches, too.

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