New ‘Finger Trap’ Test Tells You if You’re Beautiful or Not -- We Tried It!

the finger trap beauty testHave you ever wondered if you're beautiful? Well good news, weirdos, there's apparently a "test" out that can help you solve the pesky question of your homeliness once and for all! Can you tell already that I quietly think this to be a load of nonsense? That said, it's hilarious and entertaining nonsense -- therefore I am tickled pink (well pinker than usual, I'm pretty pink in general) to share this new test to determine if you're beautiful.

This new technique comes to us straight outta China where kids are posting photos of themselves trying this "finger trap test" to determine their beauty. The idea works this way. Take your index finger and press it to your lips like you're a surly librarian trying to shush a group of teens. If your finger can touch your lips and your nose at the same time, congratulations: You are beautiful, dude. Snaps all around.


When I read about it, I immediately scoffed ... and then tried it. Don't worry guys, it turns out that I look AMAZING. The truth is, most people will too. In fact, given the general layout of the human face, I kind of can't imagine anyone not passing this test? I don't know whether to roll my eyes and be annoyed that it exists or slow-clap in happiness. 

me, being beautiful

Because while it's super annoying that we're giving kids in particular another fake standard of beauty to adhere to, the fact that almost no one flunks this test makes it an argument for universal acceptance. We're all beautiful! Even this cat who lives in my apartment:

this cat is beautiful

There is no "real test" that can prove definitively that a person is good-looking. I hate to sound like an after-school special, but true beauty cannot be measured by fingers pressed flat against lips and noses. True beauty is your confidence, and your kindness, and your sense of humor. Believe you're beautiful and you are. In the immortal words of RuPaul:


Did you try this beauty test when I described it? Be honest!

Image via Dave and Les Jacobs/Blend Images/Corbis

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