Kate Upton's 'Normal People' Bikini on 'Vogue' Cover Is an Inspiration! (PHOTO)

Kate Upton Vogue UKKate Upton wearing a bikini on a magazine cover should not, in theory, make us feel good about ourselves. I don't know about you, but even on my "good" days, no one would ever confuse me with a supermodel. But Vogue UK wants to change all that, and they might have just managed to do it.

Kate Upton is their June cover girl, and while she's doing what she does best (wearing a bikini and looking too hot to handle), she might just prove to be your latest inspiration when it comes to normal-people bikinis that will make you feel exceptional this summer.

Kate is rocking a ridiculously adorable vintage cut floral two-piece. It's kind of like if Laura Ashley had a swim-line -- and I mean that in the best possible way. Not only do the creamy base color of the suit and the soft floral pattern do amazing things for her skin, the cut itself is so good, it should be the only one curvy women everywhere are allowed to try on. 


It's a cut that's guaranteed to make you want to shake what your mama gave you without fear that what she gave you will come flying out for the world to see. I wish every bikini was designed this way! It's the perfect bathing suit for a curvy figure. It's basically the perfect suit for every body-type -- though admittedly it makes the bodacious curvy bodies really sing. 

Kate Upton Vogue UK

The best thing about this suit (other than its accessibility to non-model types) is that it doesn't sacrifice beauty for the sake of providing good support. It does both! And continues looking sexy as all get-out! Your bottom and tummy are lifted and tucked, and the soft hold of the top makes every girl feel like an 1940s era pin-up model. When you're suit-shopping this season, keep this cut in mind. Places like Modcloth and Pin-Up Girl Clothing have insanely cute and reasonably priced options; they're a great place to start looking for one you love. 

Would you ever try this retro look?


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