9 Best Facial Hair Removal Options if You Can't Afford Lasers (PHOTOS)


bleaching facial hairIt's the subject so taboo we aren't supposed to talk about it in public: women and facial hair. Shocking! But the only thing that should surprise us nowadays is the fact that we're still whispering about what we can do to get rid of our mustaches, whiskers, and too-lengthy sideburns. After all, hair removal is big business, and salons command top dollar in order to get your skin silky-smooth.

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Lasers are by far the best option for those with a skin pigment that allows the rays to work, but it's also the most expensive -- costing upwards of $500 for the average six sessions it takes to permanently zap the hair away. But there are other less costly and often more private facial hair removal solutions. We have gathered info for 9 of the most popular methods so you can think before you tweeze, snip, wax, sugar, or thread.


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