Britney Spears’ Drastic New Hair Could Be Another Cry for Help (PHOTO)

britney spearsWhen a woman keeps changing her hair color, it usually means one thing: There's a lot of dissatisfied churning going on in her psyche. She's still figuring out who she is. And for young women, that's completely understandable. But this woman is a 32-year-old pop diva. Yes, Britney Spears changed her hair color yet again. This time, Britney debuted an ombre dye job with long extensions at her Las Vegas show over the weekend.

Wasn't it just blond? And didn't Brit just dye her hair red a couple months ago? And then a couple months before that, wasn't she platinum blond? Now she's got something in between, and it's kind of like the hair equivalent of a mid-life crisis!


If you buy into the Britney Spears Hair Color Emotional State Theory, then you know that when Britney's feeling up on life, she goes blond, and when she's feeling pessimistic or low, she goes darker. But what about when she does both? Holy split personality! Check this out.

It's dark brown with those blond streaks. You could say she's conflicted. She's performing again, yay! But she's performing again, ugh! Who knows what's really going on in her personal life, though it does seem to be stable for the moment. I know ombre is still a major trend right now, but for Britney, it's never just about the trend.

Here's a completely different thought, though. Maybe this is Britney recognizing she's a complex human being whose life will always have ups and downs. Maybe this is a statement about life in general. Britney finally gets it -- she's reached a new level of maturity where she accepts the duality of life and has let go. If you think about it, Britney's hair is teaching us all an important life lesson!

Or, you know, maybe Britney just got bored with her hair again and wanted a change.

And don't even get us started on that weird, sparkly, half-naked bodysuit she was wearing ... yikes.

What do you think of Britney's longer, ombre hair?


Images via britneyqueen/Instagram, discotetris/Instagram

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