Emma Stone Flashes Side Boob & Sexy Bangs at 'Spider-Man 2' Premiere (PHOTO)

emma stoneOne of our favorite celebs just hit the trifecta of red carpet style. At a premiere for Amazing Spider-Man 2, Emma Stone rocked side boob, bangs, and ombre color. All three at the same time, like she was running her very own trend relay race. If the second (yawn) Spider-Man movie wasn't already on your radar, it is now, thanks to Emma's tireless efforts. I still do not care about the movie. But hey, at least now I know how to update these old-ish trends for spring. 


Seriously, though, Emma does look (sorry for this) amazing. I'm so happy to see the return of her red hair. I always felt like that pale blond made her look too ice queen -- and with straight hair, she looks like Olivia Wilde's kid sister, not that that's such a bad thing. But now, with those shoulder-length ombre waves, it's like fire flaming her face.  

Emma has worn bangs before, so that's not so new for her. The fringe seems thicker this time around. After our long winter, the shorter bob with bangs feels fresh and summery, especially with that poppy pink lipstick and pale blue eye shadow.

But enough about Emma's hair. Let's talk about that pale Prada dress. I mean side boob blah blah blah, I could care less. I love how simple and graceful the dress is. The metallic trim gives it a harder edge but in a very light, restrained way. It's not screaming HEAVY METAL like a lot of the hardware trim we've seen the past few months.

Best of all, it's a dress that really suits her, both her figure and her personality. So while I give Spider-Whatever a thumbs sideways, I give this whole look a thumbs up. Now, about Andrew Garfield's buzz cut ... SIGH.

What do you think, is Emma doing a fresh take or just rehashing old trends?


Image via Splash News

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