7 Tattoos ALL Moms Need (PHOTOS)

So you're a mom now, which means your days of doing cool things like getting super-interesting tattoos are numbered. Right?

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No way! If anything, the wild experience of raising little people from the cradle to their 18th birthdays makes it even more appropriate for you to throw caution to the wind and commit to a meaningful tat. Why not celebrate the many joys of parenthood by considering one of these 7 tattoos -- all of which perfectly capture the mom in us.


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  • More Caffeine, Please


    Any mom who doesn't clutch her morning (and noon and night) cup of coffee for dear life needs to be immediately canonized. Busy, sleep-deprived mommies run on caffeine, so why not pay tribute to the best drug in the world by having its image forever etched onto your arm?

  • You Are Not Prepared


    You can read every book about parenting that's ever been published. You can speak with moms and babysit your nephews and claim the fact that you grew up with six younger siblings makes you a natural mom. But the truth is: you are so not prepared.

  • Badass Childhood Icon


    There are going to be days when you would kill to be a kid once again, devoid of all responsibilities. Since that's never going to happen, the best thing you can do is force your own childhood icons to grow up along with you. Badass Little Mermaid = role model for the fearless, new mommy you.

  • Fly the Coop


    It's 3 a.m., you haven't shut your eyes for longer than three seconds, and your clothing is covered in baby poop. This tattoo will serve as an important reminder: your baby bird will be flying the coop before you know it -- relish every poop-filled moment of her youth.

  • No, No ... And No Again


    It's the number one word your kids DREAD hearing -- but, you argue, if they hate it so much, why do they keep inundating you with ridiculous requests? Save your breath, mom, and just lift up your shirt sleeve the next time Junior begs you to let him skateboard across the dining room table.

  • One Direction Tat = Bribery Tool


    The next time you need to take extreme measures to get your teen to clean up her room, just promise you'll expose your oh-so-hip One Direction tattoo to all of her friends.

  • Ultimate Tat Tribute to Mom


    ... Because who deserves a good, old-fashioned "mom" tattoo more than the greatest mom ever -- AKA YOU!