8 Sexy Celebrities Before & After Getting Boob Jobs (PHOTOS)

Heidi MontagIn Hollywood, looks are everything. It's not uncommon for people -- for women especially -- to change how they look with cosmetic surgery in order to further their careers. The most common enhancement the stars line up to receive? Breast Augumentation.

Stars both big and small (yes, yes, we know) have made the trip to a plastic surgeon they trust to go under the knife and improve the way they look and feel. Some stars, like Heidi Montag, are more than a little open when it comes to discussing going under the knife. Others, like Kate Hudson, stay mum the subject. But their appearance tells us everything we need to know.


We've collected some photos of the stars before they received their new enhancements, and then photos of what they looked like once they made the big change. These stars were beautiful before they changed the way they look, nothing they could do would change that. But at the end of the day, it's how you feel that counts! Glad they did something to make themselves love the way they look as much as we do.

Which celebs do you think have gotten breast implants?

Image via Pacific Coast News




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