Demi Lovato Goes Makeup-Free & Looks NOTHING Like Herself (PHOTO)

Demi LovatoDemi Lovato is known for testing the wild side of beauty and fashion. Remember when she shaved half her hair off, jumping on that crazy trend's bandwagon? She is all about big, bold looks. Matte red lipstick is basically her signature, as is a thick layer of foundation. It works for her totally, it's rocker meets pin-up girl, and I love it.

But her latest pic on Instagram is a real change of pace. This makeup-free selfie is breaking the mold. Demi's bold picture is so startling, not just because she looks like a different person, but because she looks soooo much younger! I feel like telling her to go do her homework or something.


It's nothing unusual for celebrities to share photos of themselves taken without makeup these days. You only need to hit up Instagram to find a parade of gorgeous actresses and singers showcasing the fact that they are 'just like us' by posting photos of themselves without facepaint.

But this trend existed long before the Internet did. Think about it, who among you hasn't rifled through the pages of a tabloid to see snaps of A-listers caught without makeup while out in public? It's always been a thing.

But the fact that it's old hat doesn't keep me from hearting this one to the hills. I love Demi's makeup-free face the most! Look at her! She's like a completely different person. Those adorable freckles? That baby face? Too cute. She looks half her age. Seriously, doesn't she look like a baby? I would kill to be able to look this good without makeup. She should rock this swagger more often.

Do you think Demi should ditch the makeup for good?


Image via Splash News

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