8 Great Knockoffs of the 'Nudist' Sandal Celebs Love (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Apr 23, 2014 Beauty & Style

one strap shoe pinHave you seen this shoe? I'm talking about Stuart Weitzman's "Nudist" sandal, seen on every celeb's well-manicured foot these days. They have a simple elegance (er, because they're barely there) and they'll go with almost everything in your closet. I love them! If only they did not cost $398 I would have one in every color. Or even just one pair.

But guess what -- the Nudist is already being knocked off by everyone. And this is great news for us non-celebs who spend all our shoe money on sneakers for the kids. Here are 8 version of the It-sandal of the season you can actually afford.

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