Lupita Nyong'o Named 'Most Beautiful' Star Thanks to Her Mom (PHOTO)​

People MagazinePeople has crowned the most beautiful celeb of 2014 and it's Lupita Nyong'o! There's no denying that the actress (and award winner for her role of Patsy in 12 Years a Slave) is totally drop-dead gorgeous. She joins a crazy-hot roster of other celebs who have graced the cover of the magazine before her. But her take on beauty is all her own, and it's a super refreshing one.

More than anything else, Lupita is aware how important her presence on the cover of the magazine is, not just for her, but for young girls. In an age where we are still lightening the skin of black actresses and singers before releasing magazines, Lupita is a killer role model for young black women. She takes this responsibility seriously. "I was happy," she says, "for all the girls who would see me on [it] and feel a little more seen." LUPITA. WHY ARE YOU THE GREATEST?


Lupita credits her mom's affirmations with making her finally realize that she was beautiful. But I think she ought to be giving herself some credit too. The secret to Lupita's beauty isn't just her confidence or intelligence, though those are big factors, it's her daring. She talks about trying everything under the sun when it came to beauty as a young woman just to see what it was like. 

Not being afraid to try something new, to branch out and see where certain styles and looks take her, has suited Lupita well. This confidence and fondness for play radiate from her person not just on the screen, but on the red carpet, too. While some stars pick ensembles that are fine if a little boring, Lupita seems to dress herself with the same aplomb as a kid playing dress-up -- and the results? They are simply stunning

Lupita says she feels beautiful before she even puts on makeup. When do you feel your most beautiful?


Image via Instagram

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