‘Mad Men’ Actress’ Sloppy Hair & Loud Makeup Will Make You See Stars (PHOTO)

betty draperSure, Mad Men's final season is all about the crazy beauty of the '60s, but its stars are still thoroughly modern. When they aren't in front of the camera, we like to see them at their sleek, shining, sophisticated best. Unless you're Jon Hamm, in which case we just like to see you, period.


But we have super-high expectations when it comes to January Jones! I mean, not only is her character, the Ice Queen Betty, flawless, but Jones herself seems to channel the elegant Grace Kelly at every turn. This doesn't mean she has to adhere strictly to boring formal looks, but you'd think knowing she's a classical beauty, she'd tone down the trends -- or at least pick one!

January Jones Mad Men

On the red carpet celebrating the premiere of Mad Men, I couldn't even tell you what she had on. I was too busy trying to suss out what was happening above her neck. Her two-hued color block eyeliner seems like a cool idea ... if it's 1995 and you are bored in your home room and 16 years old.

I might have given it a pass if her hair was in a sleek bun. But the bizarre, curly, lazy-girl-style braid only accentuates the weirdness of this pairing. Either/or would be more acceptable, but neither one is great. It's kind of like she let her stylist dress her, then kicked her out, turned off the lights, did three shots of tequila, and did the rest herself.

January looks beautiful enough, because she is beautiful. But with a face like hers and such great hair to play with, we're calling this a definite hit and a definite miss. Betty Draper would not approve.

Do you like the look, am I being too harsh?


Image via Splash News

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