Women Who Got Extreme Plastic Surgery Look So Different It's Scary (PHOTOS)

extremem south korean plastic surgeryPlastic surgery has grown so extreme, it's made even routine things like travel difficult. Don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong, in my humble estimation, with getting a little nip or a tuck as the years go by. I haven't had any plastic surgery, but should I have the money and think it might make me feel better about myself, then I think that should be my prerogative. But there's a line that just shouldn't be crossed.

Plastic surgery is enjoying such a boom that something truly problematic is happening. Folks traveling internationally after surgery? They are being turned away. Because they don't look anything like their passport photos! The solution to this seems obvious to me: Cut back on the face cutting! Plastic surgeons have another idea; they are handing out certificates to their patients to show officials who need more proof of their identity. *slaps forehead*


This is a massive problem in South Korea. I was scratching my head about just how big the changes could be to cause such an impact. Then I saw them. Then one of my coworkers stopped by to scrape my jaw up off of the floor.

It's no wonder that 'plastic surgery certificates' are becoming a thing! I have a hard time believing that the women in these after photos are the same women from the before shots which accompany them. It's scary.

To me plastic surgery in its best form exists to help people who have been disfigured or to boost the slightly flagging confidence of an individual. These extreme surgeries take it to another place. They throw out an old identity and replace it with a new one. That's devastating. Clearly there are a lot of psychological factors brewing that have been overlooked.

Though these forms are by no means a legal necessity, they have become more and more common. Doctors pass them off to the patients, complete with their patient's name, passport number, and a description of what has been changed on their face. I can't imagine having to present that to an official. I wonder how many of them regret making this decision.

Would you ever consider getting plastic surgery?


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