12 Bad Mom Tattoos That Will Make You Cringe (PHOTOS)

12 Bad Mom Tattoos That Will Make You Cringe (PHOTOS)

Tattoos are more mainstream than ever these days. Everyone has one; even moms are getting in on the action. Which shouldn't be that surprising. Moms have long been a popular topic in the tattoo world. Folks are forever getting tattoos dedicated to celebrating the special woman in their lives. Now moms are returning the favor and celebrating their own kids with ink.

But the results aren't always touching and flattering. In fact, sometimes they can be downright ... disastrous. One bad tattoo artist or a joke gone too far, and these bad mom tattoos are emblazoned on someone's person forever. Too bad for them, and too funny for us.

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We've gathered up some of our favorite, funniest, and downright confusing mom-based tattoos. Get ready to giggle, snort, cringe, and praise the tattoo gods that this fate has not been your own. Still, in the end -- it's the thought that counts, right? Please enjoy 12 of our favorites!

What's the worst tattoo you've ever seen?


Image via KeenlyKristin.com

  • Maybe She Really Looks Like That


    Image via UgliestTattoos.com

    Maybe it's a very photo-realistic tattoo of his mom? What, I bet ... someone looks like that ... right?

  • Served With a Side of Ouch


    Image via MisterCartoon.com

    Man, that mom is all over her son. Literally. He cannot remove her from his person.

  • Is It ... a Pun?


    Image via Instagram

    Maybe she just really likes playing dice games?

  • Oh Noooooo


    Image via Instagram

    This mom's desire to express her devotion to her family is admirable. Her choice in tattoo artists? Not so much.

  • It's the Thought That Counts


    Image via KeenlyKristin.com

    How do you think his mom reacted when presented with this, uh, unique portrayal of her visage? If this picture is anything to go by, she radiated liquid golden rage from her head.

  • 'Teen Mom' Flub


    Image via Splash News

    Teen Mom Amber Portwood's daughter Leah is cute as can be. Though you might not know it looking at this tattoo of her on Amber's bod.

  • Stuck on You


    Image via Instagram

    I love this tattoo, but only if the baby is growing from the grandmother's shoulder ... as is clearly the case.


  • Whoa Baby


    Image via Instagram

    I feel like it's watching me. And that is not a good feeling.

  • Sweetie Pie


    Image via ihiphop.com

    While the art itself is beautiful, this mom might not be psyched to be reduced to a plastic, candy shooting toy for all to wonder at.

  • !!!!!


    Image via WTFTattoos.com

    It's a baby holding a pinkie. It does not look like a baby holding a pinkie.

  • Classic


    Image via WTFTattoos.com

    You've got to respect the commitment to the joke.



    Image via WTFTattoos.com

    If you do not have friends who might advise you to rethink this tattoo choice and placement, you have bigger problems than a face tattoo and mommy issues.


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