Moms Who Get Plastic Surgery Don't Deserve to Be Judged

Want to Get Plastic Surgery, Moms? Sounds Good to MeI've done my fair share of eye-rolling when I see moms with huge fake breasts. I mean, the risk of surgery alone would be enough to deter me from having an elective cosmetic operation, but I could also think of about 4,000 other things that would be more worthy of spending that kind of money on than new big boobs.

And honestly, are those women really doing it for themselves like they say?

But after four kids and the pregnancy weight gain and weight loss, I have to admit that I now understand why women do it.


A few weeks ago, a very fit friend of mine and I were standing around in our sports bras and workout pants bemoaning the extra skin and stretch marks that would never go away no matter how much we worked out.

Okay, so maybe if we ate no carbs and worked out for a couple of hours every day. But I don't really know how realistic that is. And honestly, that's not going to do anything to the breasts. Or the nipples. (Can we talk about post-breastfeeding nipples, please?)

Well, all of a sudden, we found ourselves talking tummy tucks and breast lifts ... if we happened to win the lottery, of course. And by the way, it wasn't for partners or spouses. Or because we're vain or selfish. It's because we love our bodies and want them to look their best. And if a little sucking, tucking, and lifting -- or for some people, inserting of implants -- will do that, then why not?

Now like anything else, people can always go too far. One procedure can lead to another and another, and soon they're looking like a plastic barbie doll with gigantic fake boobs that prevent them from doing anything but looking pretty ridiculous.

I've seen so many people who have small complaints and end up going way too far ... only to look worse once the procedure is over. But if you're working out, taking care of yourself, and want a little boost (literally and figuratively), then I'm not going to judge you. In fact, I might be a little bit jealous. Or at least stocking away a few pennies for my own little nip and tuck one of these days.

And in case you're wondering, it really wouldn't be for anyone else but me.

Would you ever get plastic surgery ... or have you already? If not, do you think other moms who do are selfish?


Image via Soundless Fall/Flickr

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