Lea Michele's Stunning Wardrobe Malfunction Caught on Camera! (PHOTO)

lea micheleStart a story with "so I was wearing this pink satin bustier" and you pretty much know how it's going to end: With an "oopsie!" So it's no surprise that while filming a video for her single "On My Way" in a pink satin bustier, Lea Michele suffered a nip slip. (Ahem, look what else was on its way.) The triple-threat from Glee pranced about saucily, giving everyone on the set a free show for quite some time apparently before she was informed of her bustier's wayward ways and pulled her girls back in. Well, it was just one side, really. Does that make it any better? I guess you'd have to see how bad it was to decide.

WARNING: Explicit photo below.


lea michele

Could no one have stopped the Hair musical reenactment to inform Lea of her fugitive nipple? Or was the atmosphere just so free and easy, no one thought it mattered? Note to everyone I know: If I ever do this, please tell me immediately, even if you have to stop traffic to do so. Do not delay! Act now.

I can't imagine that Lea couldn't feel herself popping out, anyway, unless the bustier was so loose on her, she was feeling a breeze. Couldn't you feel that? Hello, that part of your body is kind of more sensitive than the rest.

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Lea laughed it off like a pro -- which is exactly how anyone should handle a wardrobe malfunction. It's just her boob. No animals or children were injured in the making of this nip slip, just Lea's dignity. And she's got enough self-confidence to survive that. Not to mention, this isn't the first oopsie moment for Lea. Remember her "surprising" underboob flash? Maybe she likes flirting with disaster.

Lea was also frolicking about in a barely there bathing suit and some sort of other skimpy fringed thing for the video shoot, so maybe she was feeling especially generous about sharing her physical gifts with the world. Can you blame her? I don't see anyone complaining.

Would you feel it if you suffered a nip slip in the great outdoors?


Images via msleamichele/Instagram, Oceanup.com

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