Star Accuses Magazine of Giving Her a 'Nose Job' -- See for Yourself! (PHOTO)

lorde Singer Lorde is no shrinking violet. When she was featured inside Canadian magazine Fashion, she was less than pleased with the results -- and she let them and the world know just how she felt.

Lorde tweeted a photo from the shoot and announced that while she really liked the photo, she suspected the mag had given her a "new nose." The magazine is striking back, denying that they did any such thing. But still, looking at photos of Lorde, it's hard to deny that something is definitely up in the picture she posted as proof of her accusations. 

Photoshopping inside magazines and on their covers is nothing new. It's standard practice, and while it can be excessive, it's normal to expect a little bit of futzing to make the star featured look like a glossy, perfect version of themselves. Usually this means brushing away some lines and removing dark circles. It doesn't mean completely altering the subject they are meant to be showcasing. 


While Lorde insists that her nose is so not her own as it is pictured inside the magazine, Fashion's editor-in-chief Bernadette Morra says that this is not the case. They didn't dare touch the woman's face, let alone make such major alterations:

I can assure you, Fashion Magazine did not give Lorde a new nose. Sometimes lighting or camera angles can give the impression that things look smaller, larger, or different than they really are.

Hmm, I don't know. This sounds like a pretty weak excuse to me. Wouldn't it read as more honest to just say that it was possible her appearance could appear altered by the work of their Photoshop practices? It's a weird thing for the magazine to take a stand about, especially when we have the luxury of looking at other photos of the star and comparing.

Personally, I think it definitely looks like her nose has been changed to a more narrow version -- and not in a way you could chalk up to "shadows." It's cool of Lorde to be so open in talking about her own appearance this way. It's especially refreshing in an era of celebs like Lady Gaga, who insist that even their paparazzi photos be Photoshopped into some unattainable ideal.

Do you think Lorde's nose was Photoshopped?


Images via Twitter

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