5 Super Tricks for Stopping a Run in Your Tights

how to save your tightsTights are the 'frenemies' of the world of intimate apparel. Especially with all the runs they get. That's why we've got 5 ways of saving you and your tights when you're on the run.

Sure, tights can make us look great, sleek, pulled-together -- But they all get runs in them. It might happen as soon as you pull them on, or it could take months, but eventually every pair of tights gets a creeping ladder. Most of the time when we notice them, it's too late to do anything about it. 

That's where we come in! Because there are things you can do, even in a pinch, to stop those runners right in their tracks. They might not all be permanent solutions, but they are all guaranteed to keep you from worrying about the damage spreading. Read on for 5 of the best ways to stops runners without having to head for the hills! 


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1.) Clear Polish

You don't have to be a fan of constant manicure touch-ups to carry some clear polish around. At the first sign of a run, brush on a dollop of the stuff. It's not a pleasant sensation, but it will keep that hole from getting bigger.

2.) Hairspray

If you can't see yourself remembering polish, what about hairspray? This is more common item for folks to haul around than you hight think. It's stickiness keeps that run from spreading without adhering to your skin like the polish tends to do. 

3.) Stop It Before It Starts

If it doesn't happen, you don't have to fix it! Keep your tights out of the dryer, let them air dry. Don't store them in wooden drawers where they might cling and snag. Both of these tips will extend the life of your tights. 

4.) Bar Soap 

If you can get your mitts on a bar of soap, rub the bar over the run. It dries out the fabric and keeps it from moving and getting bigger. Bonus points: If the soap smells nice, you've just enhanced your own fabulous aroma!

5.) MAGIC!

This isn't exactly ripped from the pages of Harry Potter, but if you've got a massive run and no amount of polish can save you -- excuse yourself and head to the little wizards' room. Then....take your tights off and put them back on....backwards! PRESTO! Out of sight, and out of mind.

Finally, remember that in a pinch -- the worst thing that can happen here is you having to take your tights off altogether. And sexy, naked, legs? They are always in fashion. 

Do you have any other quick tricks for stopping a run in your tights?


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