50 Mom Tribute Tattoos ... Because We Love Her So!

50 Mom Tribute Tattoos ... Because We Love Her So!

mom tattoo black ink

Tattoos are very personal. Each one is meaningful to those who have them etched on their skin, especially when it comes to tattoos in honor of Mom. Tattoos for Mom are always beautiful in their own way. From getting her name, her likeness, black and gray, or color -- no matter what it looks like, it will always be perfect. And that's because they all have such deep meaning. Looking to commemorate a mama? Take a look at these gorgeous ideas ...

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Our moms are some of the most special people in our lives -- some would argue THE most special. And what better way to keep them with us or to celebrate their love than with a personal and beautiful tattoo? And if this is the first tattoo (of possibly many), then what better choice than getting something for Mom? At least it wouldn't be a spouse or partner's name, as history has proven that those are usually never a good idea. 

From simple, classic lettering and more elaborate and colorful designs, to the traditional "Mom" banner or tattoos more symbolic of Mom or something she loves, there are so many ways to pay tribute to Mom in ink. These 50 tattoos will inspire folks not only for their artistic value, but for the mama-loving sentiment behind the art. 


  • Mom in a heart


    Brilliant colors on this "Mom" shoulder tattoo. We can carry Mom in our heart everywhere we go. 

  • Mom script


    Just Mom in a pretty script. Simple, beautiful, and, of course, topped off with a sweet little heart. 

  • Oh, Mama


    This tattoo for Mama is delicate and lovely. A modern and beautiful take on the traditional old-school mom tattoo. 

  • M-O-M


    This cool heart tattoo actually spells out "Mom." See it? We see it and we love it. 

  • Minimalist mom


    This minimalist Mom tattoo is small and sweet. Love the placement, too. 

  • Message from Mom


    A comforting, always-there message from Mom. And this one is done in Mom's handwriting too. 

  • Mom infinity


    This mom infinity design is the sweetest. Delicate like a piece of jewelry. 

  • Mom in black


    Black ink can be every bit as bold as color ink when done like this stunning Mom tattoo. 

  • The year of mom


    Alexis, who dawns this lovely tattoo for her mom, writes: "1975 - the year that my beautiful, feisty, fiery little mother was born. I chose to put her year on my right hand considering she IS my right hand man, my go to. We've had our differences but I wouldn't trade her for the world and I'm so glad I got to pick her and she got to pick me ... "

  • A real gem


    This black and gray heart gem tattoo makes for a bold ode to mom. 

  • Sweet as candy


    A little candy heart tattoo just for Mom. 

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  • In memory of Mom


    A blue feather plume and handlettering in memory of Mom. Gorgeous and meaningful tattoo. 

  • Mom's word in her handwriting

    mom tattoo

    telly telly/Flickr

    This word "possibility" was tattooed with Mom's handwriting and Dad's handwriting reminding her that there are "never any closed doors."

  • Lock and key tattoo, inspired by mom


    The woman who has this tattoo says it was "inspired by [my] neurotic mom," and the doe and roses were inspired by her dad.

  • Mama world tattoo


    Lindsay says that this tattoo is "Paying homage to Mother Earth (although I will just tell my Mumma that it is for her and that 'she is my world') in a bad-ass way."

  • Elaborate mom and dad tattoo


    We love this very original and beautiful tattoo in honor of Mom and Dad.

  • Simple 'Mama' tattoo

    mama tattoo


    Simple. Perfect. Tribute.

  • Mom's last name


    My friend Elle got her mama London King's last name tattooed on her wrist. First tattoo she ever got. So sweet.

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  • Mom anchor tattoo

    mom tattoo

    Mez Love/Flickr

    Classic and symbolic.

  • Mom's art tattooed on daughter's arm

    mom tattoo

    Image via Suzi Duke/Flickr

    Suzi's daughter Juli got this tattoo in honor of her grandma. Suzi says, "The last creative work my mother completed was this crewel-embroidery owl from a kit I brought her during her final hospital stay. Mom loved owls and had a huge collection ... This owl has always hung in my home, in memory of her. Just in time for Mom's May 24 birthday, my daughter Juli spent six hours getting Mom's crewel owl reproduced on her arm in ink. What an incredible tribute to the grandmother she never knew!"

  • Sugar skull tattoo for mom

    mom tattoo

    Courtesy of John Verlin

    This fantastic tattoo is on my friend John who says, "My mom was never crazy about my tattoos, but she appreciates the art. We wanted my mom tattoo in a spot that I couldn't cover up if I wanted to. It's a totally bad-ass sugar skull and just the slightest bit feminine. That's the tribute to my mom. Bad-ass and girly."

  • Generational tattoo

    dolphin tattoo

    Courtesy of Jenna Oberg

    Jenna shared about her tattoo, "My mom had a dolphin tattoo on her left shoulder. She had it for as long as I can remember. I can remember being a little girl and tracing the outline of her tattoo with my fingertip. She would tell me it tickled, but I think she liked it because she never asked me to knock it off. When she died nine years ago, my 17-year-old sister and I decided to get a matching dolphin tattoo in her memory. We chose this one because it was bright and different, much like our mom, and because of the dolphin. My daughter has said that when she's old enough, she's also going to get a dolphin tattoo to carry on the 'tradition.'"

  • Winged heart tattoo


    "Something I did for my mom," writes this tattooed son. A pretty tattoo in tribute to her.

  • Stunning scroll tribute


    Inspiring words in a scroll -- from son to mother, showing his love for her and for all she's done for him.

  • Giraffe tattoo honoring mom

    mom tattoo

    Deanna Wardin/Flickr

    Beautiful. Bold. Meaningful. Just like the love from and for a mother.

  • Temporary tattoos count especially in this case

    temporary mom tattoo

    Ryan Boren/Flickr

    Start them young! A sweet temporary tattoo that says "Mom" on mommy's little sweetheart makes a special Mother's Day gift.

  • Mom's initials

    mom tattoo

    Courtesy of Andrew Zipp

    My cousin Andrew got this tattoo after his mother passed away. It's her initials. Andrew shared, "It's on my left arm closest to my heart. It took me two and a half years to get it -- I guess it took me that long to accept she was gone."

  • Flowers for mom and family


    We love that she represented both mother and father, and whole family, with these flowers.

  • Meaningful date tattoo for mom

    meaningful date tattoo

    Courtesy of Julie Kay Arrington

    Julie's mom was born and passed away on 10/16, so she got those dates surrounding a cross designed with a heart. So beautiful.

  • Mama knuckle tattoo


    The word Mama fits perfectly on the knuckles. Choose a favorite font to personalize. Note: Finger tattoos fade easily, so touch-ups are needed to keep the ink dark.

  • Meaningful symbol tattoo


    Courtesy of Leah Hart Owen West

    Leah shared, "My darling daughter, Angelica, got this Japanese calligraphy kanji on her left side that means 'Mother.' She got it tattooed on her side because I will always be on her side, by her side, for the rest of her life. Sweet."

  • Traditional mom heart tattoo

    mom tattoo

    Courtesy of Paul Schembri

    Even though Paul admits that his mom hates tattoos, he has one for her on his left arm, along with tattoos for his brother, his two sisters, his dad, and his kids.

  • Mom ... and Dad


    Mom won't mind sharing a tattoo ... with Dad. Nice traditional design with a horseshoe and flowers.