25 Mom Tribute Tattoos ... Because We Love Her So! (PHOTOS)

mom dad tattooTattoos are very personal. Each one is special to the person who has them etched on their skin, especially when it comes to tattoos in honor of Mom. Tattoos for Mom are always beautiful in their own way -- and that's because they all have such deep meaning.

From simple, classic lettering and more elaborate and colorful designs to the traditional "Mom" banner or tattoos more symbolic of Mom or something she loves, there are so many ways to pay tribute to Mom in ink. These 25 tattoos will inspire you not only for their artistic value, but for the mama-loving sentiment behind the art. 

Image via justin_symons/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Jane

I don't really care fro tattoos that much. But I have to say this is a very Beautiful & Tasteful Tat! I also called my Mom, "Mommy" and if I had the guts would have a Beautiful Tattoo done like this to Honor Her!

Terra... TerraIncognita

My mom always said she regretted having a tattoo. I honor her by not getting one.

coffe... coffeeizmydrug

My daughter's "MoM" tattoo is featured in this article. #24. Thank you Michele!

Both of my kids have tattoos that honor me. It means so much that they would do that for me!  I am nearly 60 years old and I have designed a tattoo to honor both of them. Now to find the best tattoo artist to do it for me. (It will be my first and only) I live between Atlanta and Birmingham and willing to travel (a short distance) for a talented artist. Any recommendations are welcome! tattoo

Wish2Be Wish2Be

I plan to get some.... The #21 was really sweet....and struck me because my son was born on 10-16

elasmimi elasmimi

I'm not a tattoo fan. Of course I'm 67, that might explain it, lol.

kellynh kellynh

I have 2 Tatoos, neither say mom

Apr1l Apr1l

no thanks.

timon95 timon95

they look great, not sure i would ever get a tribute one.

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