18 Beautiful Ways to Wear Hair Jewelry (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Apr 17, 2014 Beauty & Style
18 Beautiful Ways to Wear Hair Jewelry (PHOTOS)

hair jewelsI don't know if it's because of Game of Thrones or the lightness of spring, but I'm seeing a lot of hair jewelry lately. I love how it looks, but how do you pull it off, exactly? There are so many different ways to style it. Well, the good news is that hair jewelry can be as simple -- or as elaborate -- as you want it to be. So if you've ever found yourself standing in front of a rack of rhinestone hair pins wondering where the heck to actually pin them, here are 18 beautiful hair jewelry looks to give you some inspiration.

  • Side Clip for Long, Beachy Hair



    Simple beachy waves go from casual to romantic with this rhinestone side clip. I like how it's nestled right above some strands that are pulled back by an invisible pin. I think hair jewelry works best when you don't try to make them do too much work of actually holding your hair in place.

  • Wedding Hair Clip for Low Bun


    Here's a super-fancy look -- this would be for a special occasion, like a wedding. It definitely elevates this low bun, and it's not too complicated, either. I like the little crystal strands that hang down on either side.

  • Small Jewelry Hairpins Around Low Bun



    This is a lot less formal and fancy. A couple of little clips still make this low bun special but in a more casual way.

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  • Starfish Hair Barrette



    I love this starfish hair barrette so much I may actually buy it right after I finish writing this post. The little side braid with it is cute. It looks a little heavy for an active day, though.

  • Jewelry Headbands



    One of the easiest ways to do hair jewelry is with a simple headband -- or two, or three.

  • Necklace as Headband



    This is actually a necklace worn as a headband. I think what would probably work best is to pin your hair back with hair-colored pins first, then loop a bold, graphic necklace around your head like a headband.

  • Goddess Hairchain



    I'm seeing a lot of these goddess hairchains. Just part your hair in the middle, comb down straight on either side, and then drape the hairchain over everything.


  • Hairchain With Bitty Bump



    Once you've mastered the simple hairchain, try this out. Here the model has her hair pinned back with a bit of a bump at the back. And then she's pulled out a few loose strands to keep the hair jewelry from looking too fussy or formal.

  • Delicate Crystal Crown



    I love these delicate little crowns, especially with the model's hair pulled back.

  • Tiny Jewelry Pins Around Updo



    You can find little jeweled pins at any drug store -- and they look great decorating a simple updo, like this bun.

  • Small Jeweled Pins With Wavy Long Locks



    The model here has pulled back a few strands at the front and accented with just a couple of rhinestone pins -- so simple and elegant.

  • Long Strand of Rhinestones



    There's probably a clip for this, but it couldn't be simpler -- just one long strand, making a plain-Jane hairstyle perfect for an evening out.

  • Jeweled Pins in Braid



    Now see what happens when you place a lot of those little pins in a geometric pattern around a braid.

  • Custom Clip-in Beads


    I like the crystals on "invisible" clear filament woven in and out of the hair here.


  • Daenerys-Style Ponytail Ornament



    I love the crystal chain with leather wrapped around the ponytail.

  • Jewelry for Your Bun



    This sparkly band around the bun is pretty.

  • Bun Hairchain



    Here's another way to decorate a bun: Clip a hairchain above it and let the strands drape below.

  • Rhinestone Hair Clip for Braids



    Just a little jewed barrette keeps these braids from looking too Pioneer Girl.

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