Jessica Alba Gives This Little Girl Look a Sexy Mom Twist (PHOTO)

Jessica Alba's making crop tops cool for momsJessica Alba was recently spotted on the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards sporting a trend that we never expected to make such a grownup comeback. She was wearing a bright yellow circle skirt (perfect for this season and one we'd love to have in our own closets) paired with ... a white crop top. Some cursory googling proved what we had begun to suspect was true: crop-tops for grownup ladies are making a comeback.

They've been back for a while, but only for the Urban Outfitters-wearing set. I don't know about you, but it wasn't until I spotted mom of two Alba wearing one and looking totally foxy AND still incredibly classy that I began to think maybe this isn't a trend exclusively wearable by youngsters and whippet-thin celebs.


I mean, sure, Jessica's not your average mom, but really look at her ensemble. Is it really that outre? I don't think so. She takes this "little girl" style and makes it a totally sophisticated grownup look. The key to making any trend work depends on one of the principles of fashion: It's all about balance.

Jessica Alba's making crop tops cool for moms

That's a big thing to remember if you decide to try and take a page from Alba's crop top-wearing book. If she had worn skinny jeans with it or even a mini-skirt, the effect would be totally spoiled. But the length and structure of her skirt balance out the square shape and high cut of the crop top. Here are a couple of other crop-top-and-skirt pairings that make the trend seem practically 1950s vintage fabulous.

Even if you don't feel quite brave enough to bare a sliver of belly, there's still inspiration to be had here. Pair a simple white T-shirt with a more formal, high-waisted skirt and you can evoke that same awesome blend of modern casual throwback cool. Add some fun sunglasses and an espadrille and you're ready to hit the streets this spring in style.

Would you dare to wear a crop top?


Image via Kevin Mazur/Getty

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